Committee Member

Dr Victor Borg

Victoria migrated to Australia in 1972. She is married to Rosario (known as Louie) who served in the Vietnam War. She has 2 children and a granddaughter. After questioning her directions in life and wanting to extend her boundaries, in 1992 she returned to study as a mature-age student at Western Institute, St. Albans. She started with the Bachelor of Arts and ended up with a doctorate in 2005. She specialised in mental health across cultures. She was a lecturer and tutor for many years at Victoria University.

Currently, Victoria is an elected Councillor with the Brimbank City Council. This is her second term as a Councillor. She is very humble and honoured to give a voice to the members of the community at grassroots level. She is very passionate about her work. In addition, she wants to connect and help other women in any possible way.

Recently, Victoria found another voice through the publication of her memoir, entitled “Power Over Darkness: A Journey of Self-Discovery, Trauma and Healing”.